laser care & tag    

Laser tags & care are ideal to add all the information on the garment that needs name, size, color, or style along with barcodes. We carry machines that print & die cut the tags in line and one step for inexpensive quick delivery.



Cutting - cutting are done automatically.

Punching Holes - Holes can be made with request.

Min. Order/

Turnaround Time

Minimum order for Laser is 1,000. For specific information about estimate cost, please fill out price quote.


We can use laser printing process with equipment like Printex Printer & Cutter

price tickets, barcode variation, and joker tags.



We take offset sheeted tags for the best print quality and versatility compared to Flexo rolled goods. This is best option for the customer to pursue for superior material and printing quality. To be able to scan barcodes with no hassle and stopping from charge backs. For more information about the machine and quality, please visit our sister company Printex for more info.



Click here for laser tag samples.

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