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Sometimes you are in need of special printed materials for special occasions. Let us take care of your need. We get odd shaped items as customers request and we have equipments and knowledge to handle these items.



Cutting - Cutting options for specialty items are angle cut and dovetail cut and slot.
Folding - Folding option for specialty items are center fold.

Min. Order/

Turnaround Time

To find out minimum order and turnaround time, please fill out price quote for more information.



Flexo is often the choice for this task for its durability in print.

Hot stamp is possible for smaller items in difficult materials to print.

Once we confirm layout, folding, and cutting, we can start production and print. Once the print is completed, it will proceed to be folded and cut using the jig.



Specialty items can be done in many different colors and materials.

Take a look at our material chart to find out the best material for the job.



Click here to view specialty item samples.

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