Woven label comes in multi colors with durability for your garment.
From taffeta, twill, satin, and woven patches, we offer a wide range of selections.



Cutting -Cold cut, Hot cut, Ultrasonic Cut. Cutting options are hot cut, pillow cut, and kiss-cut.

Folding - Folding options for woven labels are center fold, end fold, manhattan fold, and mitre fold.

Min. Order/

Turnaround Time

Minimum order and turn around times for woven labels depends on overall size and quantity. For estimate cost, please provide artwork.

Turnaround time for sample is 3 business days. After sample is approved, 5-10 business days, and mitre folds 15-20 business days.


Process depends on material, color choices, and effect you desire.

We carry fabric type of three kinds of polyester labels: taffeta , satin , and twill.

Three types of woven Looms are: needle loom, shuttle loom, and broad loom (95% of today's woven labels are utilizing broad loom.)

Finishes: sizing and cut/fold.

Sizing: starch is added for soft, medium, and stiff feel. After woven labels are weaved in rolls, starch bath is applied to add body to the label.

Other woven products are available: zipper puller, ribbons, adhesive backing, heat seal backing, laser patch, and merrowed edge.

Woven labels come in black & white warps in taffeta and satin and we can weave up to 11 colors.



Woven labels can be made of two different types: taffeta or satin.

Taffeta comes in 3 different styles: plain,damask, panel or double shuttle.

Satin comes in 4 different styles: plain, tubular weave, patch with laser cut and patch with merrowed edges.



Click here to view woven label samples.

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